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Important 2023 Information

We are excited for the upcoming 2023 Season.  We hope you are planning to return to the Ducks Football & Cheer Program.  We are focused on building the Ducks Program & Culture this year and have taken the necessary steps to put us in a great position.  Below are a few important updates that we needed to share. 

Better Communication

Moving forward, we will no longer use the mass text messaging system as a way to communicate to everyone. We will utilize the BAND App moving forward which will allow us to streamline communications, use some of the nice available features, and keep everything consistent. This app is available for both iPhone & Android Users. 

Important: Please Join with your First & Last Name used during registration for the season.  If we are not able to identify you, you will be booted from the group.


Early Registration

Early Bird registrations are now open, with a $10 discount.  Everyone who registers during this time will have the opportunity to attend our Uniform Sizings. At sizings, all children will have the ability to choose their jersey number for the upcoming season. If you want the perfect fit & the number to go along with it, please register now and attend sizings.  Dates will be communicated shortly. 

Coaching Staff Changes

There have been some changes made to our Coaching Staffs.  As more signups take place, we will announce any additional staff as needed. 

  • 6U - Coach Taiwo Anderson (Coach Wo)

  • 8U - Coach Henry James (Coach Jay) (Previously 6U)

  • 10U - Coach JuWaun Shaw (Coach Waun) (Previously 8U)

  • 12U - Coach Marlon Anderson (Coach Marlon) 

These coaches will be in contact with all pending returnees. 

Parent Committee

The Parent Committee will soon engage in talks regarding events during the season & end of year banquet talks.  Our goal is to announce & schedule our end of year banquet and send information our by the end of October at the very latest.  Once the Parent Committee decides on options, parents will have the opportunity to vote on those within the BAND app. If you are interested in joining the parent committee, please reach out to Briana at 615-788-2571


If you are planning to return to the Ducks and have a helmet that you currently own, please get with us during Camps.  All helmets will be professionally repainted to meet the Ducks new helmet makeover this year.  The painting is free of charge for all Registered Ducks. 

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