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2020 Football Season Cancelled

To Our Parents, Our Kids, and Our Community,

Due to the seriousness of Covid-19 , the Ducks 2020 season has been cancelled & we have initiated refunds through Paypal for everyone who paid in advance.

It would be extremely difficult and almost impossible for us to guarantee the absolute safety of our parents & kids if we were to attempt a season. It’s unfortunate to spend our 5th Year Anniversary not on the football field, but we are dedicated to taking full advantage of this offseason.

Since the Percy Priest Ducks were established, we’ve made it our #1 priority to practice safety first. During the offseason, our volunteers go through CPR Training & we were the first youth football team in Nashville to obtain Gold Status under Tennessee’s Youth Sports Initiative, Safe Stars AND at the time of this announcement, we are still the ONLY youth sports program to achieve Safe Stars recognition in our area. In addition to CPR Training, our volunteers all submit & pass Background checks before starting the season with us.

In order to have a football season, we would have had to create some incredibly strict guidelines, that would not only destroy the experience our parents & most importantly our kids would have, but still wouldn’t allow us to guarantee a completely safe environment.

While we are not having a football season, we are working on how to keep our parents & kids engaged. Even though we will not be on the field, that doesn’t mean we can’t be impactful.

Please be on the lookout for those announcements. Please stay safe Duck Fam! And if you need anything, please reach out to us!

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