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Homecoming Information

Players & Cheerleaders who sell the most tickets will be announced as Homecoming Court! We are raffling off a chance to win a PS5 amongst other prizes. You can sell physical tickets or have them purchase tickets online by visiting  They MUST enter your child's name in order for the ticket to be counted towards your Child's homecoming count.  They are unable to purchase tickets without completing that field.  Tickets are $5 each

Important Dates
Physical Tickets will be available at practices.

Tickets must be turned in by 10/14. *NO EXCEPTIONS*
You are able to turn in tickets & money during practices. 

Homecoming Celebration & Parent vs Coaches Dodgeball Game will take place Friday Night 10/15.

Drawing for prizes will be held during the halftime of the 10U Division Game October 16th. Tickets for drawing may be purchased up until drawing.

Dates are subject to change for various reasons.  We will communicate out any changes if they occur. 

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