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First Week of Practice. What To Expect

Week 1 Focus: Acclimation & Evaluation Period

As you can imagine, the first week is always a bit hectic.  Every year we implement a few changes in hopes of making the process easier as we enter each new season.

The Acclimation & Evaluation Period gives Players a chance to condition & get closer to being in football shape.  And, gives Coaches a good look & feel for their team.  If there are more than 29 kids in one age group, by league rule that team must split into 2 Teams.  This period will allow them to decide on which players play on which team (Usually D1 & D2).  This decision is left up to the Coaches & The Ducks Board of Directors. 

Below you will find some additional information to help answer some of the questions you may have.

PLEASE! Parents Please Stay Outside of The Fence Off The Practice Field!



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