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First Week of Practice. What To Expect

Week 1 Focus: Acclimation & Evaluation Period

As you can imagine, the first week is always a bit hectic.  Every year we implement a few changes in hopes of making the process easier as we enter each new season.

The Acclimation & Evaluation Period gives Players a chance to condition & get closer to being in football shape.  And, gives Coaches a good look & feel for their team.  If there are more than 29 kids in one age group, by league rule that team must split into 2 Teams.  This period will allow them to decide on which players play on which team (Usually D1 & D2).  This decision is left up to the Coaches & The Ducks Board of Directors. 

Below you will find some additional information to help answer some of the questions you may have.

PLEASE! Parents Please Stay Outside of The Fence Off The Practice Field!

  • What are the fees & How do I pay them?
    Football is $160 & Cheer is $200. We offer multi-children discounts. Usually the first child is regular price & any additional children are 10% off. This does not include any additional discounts that may be applied, for an example Child Sponsorships. Fees can be paid the following ways: 1.) Online through our payment portal - Which can be located HERE. 2.) During Practice when a Board Member is available under the Pavilion at the top of the hill.
  • When is Fee Deadline?
    Fees are do ASAP! But we've set the deadline to August 1st. We urge everyone to pay as much as possible on your account leading up to August 1st so we are able to order Uniforms, Decals, & pay our league insurance on time. Kids will not receive a uniform if fees are not paid.
  • What documents are needed?
    If you did not play with us last year, we need a birth certificate. We CANNOT accept Mother's Copies for Football Players. Birth Certificate must have the official seal. Please bring a copy to practice. If you do not have a copy we are able to make one. If you'd rather email us a CLEAR High Resolution picture, please do so by emailing us at Subject Line should be the name of your Child + Birth Certificate.
  • Registration Forms are Required
    New Registration forms are required every season. You must fill out one online - or in person. Absolutely no exceptions
  • How do I rent Equipment?
    Prior to handing out equipment, we will send out a mass text informing everyone of the Time & Date. All equipment is on a First Come , First Serve basis. You must show up in person in order & ALL Registrations fees must be paid in order to rent out equipment (Unless you are on a payment plan via Board Approval - Not Coach) There is a $75.00 Penalty if Equipment isn't returned by end of season. In order to rent equipment you must do ONE of the following: 1.) Submit a refundable $75.00 Cash deposit that is returned once equipment is returned 2.) Place a valid card on file via our PayPal Card Processor that is automatically charged Nov. 14th if equipment isn't returned. Once equipment is returned, we will cancel the scheduled payment. You will NOT be charged upfront (except for a $1.00 charge to validate card)
  • Do you have enough equipment for everyone?
    The quick answer is NO. We have been able to supply at least half of our program for the last few seasons, but as we continue to grow, we have to purchase more and more. If you can buy equipment, we recommend that you purchase your own.
  • When do we need our equipment?
    Please speak to the Head Coach regarding practice needs. All teams are different.
  • What's the max amount of players on one team?
    29. By league rule, once a team has 30 kids at one age group, that team must be split into 2 Teams. No exceptions. During the preseason before the regular season starts, Coaches will evaluate players. Historically, The most experienced & skilled players will be designated to play on A Level & the Lesser experienced & skilled will play on the B Level team. Both teams, by league rules are eligible for Playoffs. Where a child plays is left entirely up to the Coaching Staff , Ducks Administration, and our governing league the TNYFL. Parents are not involved in the decision of what level a child plays at.
  • When are practices held?
    Until school starts back, Practices are usually Monday - Friday (Coach's Discretion) as kids work to get acclimated & caught up before the season starts. After that point, practices are Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 6pm - 730pm (Older Age Groups occasionally go to 8pm) Unless there's a rare issue, Practices are always held at Seven Oaks Park.
  • Where can I park?
    You can park anywhere unless there is a sign that says No Parking.
  • Can I Drink Alcohol or Smoke?
  • When is the first game?
    Our first game will be the Tennessee Youth Football League (TNYFL) Jamboree held Saturday August 6th. At the moment we do not game times. When they are available this will be communicated to you via your Head Coach.
  • Where & When are games played?
    All home games are held at Ezell Harding Christian School on Bell Rd. Away games are played at the scheduled opponents' home field. In an 8 game regular season, there are usually 4 home games & 4 away games, unless someone isn't able to host for various reasons. We expect to have a schedule soon.
  • Do games cost?
    The only games that cost to enter are 1.) Preseason Fundraising Games (Gate is usually $5.00) 2.) All Postseason Games (Bowl Games, Playoffs, Championships)
  • How many games are in a season?
    We can play up to a total of 10-12 Games in a season. 8 are regular season games, the others are preseason or post season.
  • When do we receive our uniforms?
    We expect to be in full uniform before the first regular season game (TBD) Once uniforms are received, if Fees are not paid, that child will not receive their uniform. Of course, if there is a payment plan/arrangement made with the board of directors, that obviously trumps that.
  • What does Football get?
    Football Players will receive 2 Jerseys & 1 Pair of Pants. They will not receive both jerseys at once. The 2nd Jersey will be available after the first 1-2 games are played. The first Jersey to be received will be our Green Jersey.
  • What does Cheer get?
    Cheer will receive Top, Bottom, Shoes, Socks, PomPoms
  • Who can I talk to in order to feel heard?
    Anytime you feel there is an issue, please Call/Text Ducks President Jimmy at 615-485-6064 If he isn't available, please grab a Board Member when you see one.
  • What is the Parent Committee?
    Think of the Parent Committee as the PTA. The group talks about overall experience, issues, events, and etc. If you're interested in joining the Parent Committee, please Text Vice President Jermaine at 615-982-9838.
  • How can I help with Homecoming Festivities?
    Please see Parent Committee section!



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